What"s On Tap

Winter Madras

5.0% ABV

Madras is typically a summer drink made with vodka, cranberry and orange juice. Our winter version gets a holiday makeover as an apple-based Madras mixed with fresh cranberries and clementine oranges.

Available Fall-Winter

Cherry Bakewell

6.2% ABV

Cherry Bakewell is made with cherries from the Smith Family Orchard in Filer, Idaho.  It offers sweet ripe cherry flavor with a hint of almond on the finish.  Cherry Bakewell is named after a traditional English tart made with fresh cherries and almonds.

Available Seasonally - Tap Room Only

Le Fleur

6.5% ABV

Cedar Draw Cider celebrates aromatic Lavender with the creation of Le Fleur ("The Flower"). We infused fresh-pressed apples with vanilla, locally-sourced culinary lavender, and a touch of honey to create this serenely fragrant cider. We are certain you will enjoy the floral-forward bouquet and smooth vanilla finish.

Available Year Round

Spice Queen

6.9% ABV 

Traditionally used in Indian and Nordic cuisine, Cardamom has been rightly called “the Queen of Spice” for its regal, complex flavor. We took our classic apple blend and infused it with this exotic spice to create Spice Queen. It’s citrusy, woodsy, and highly fragrant all at the same time. Revel in its captivating aroma and strong finish.

Available Year Round

War Worthy

6.4% ABV 

Quince is a little-known ancient fruit rumored to be the Golden Apple which sparked the Trojan War. It’s similar in appearance to both an apple and a pear, sometimes smelling like a tropical fruit, and bright golden yellow when mature. We fermented Idaho-grown quinces with our classic apple blend to make this complex cider worth starting a war for.

Available Year Round


6.0% ABV

Blimey is made from Hagerman-grown blackberries and fresh limes. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

On tap now for a limited time!

Zero Brix

7.2% ABV

Looking for a craft alternative to the hard seltzer craze? 

We hand-selected the perfect yeast to ferment fresh-pressed apples to create a completely dry cider with no residual sugars.  Indulge yourself with its abundant apple aromas and fresh pineapple notes, because Zero Brix is the perfect guilt-free craft beverage.

Available Year Round

Summer Freckle

5.8% ABV

Like freckles on our childhood noses, Cedar Draw Cider's Summer Freckle only comes out with the summer sun.  It's the perfect blend of our favorite summer ingredients: fresh Strawberries and hand-squeezed Lemon juice.  A truly refreshing way to celebrate this sunny season and the sweet freckles that follow.

On Tap Now!

Sour Empress

5.0% - 6.9% ABV

Also known as the Empress Plum, Italian Plums are the sole fruit in this Idaho-made cider. Brilliant purple color with distinctly tart plum flavor, the Sour Empress pairs like a fine wine with Thanksgiving dinner, Italian cuisine, or on its own to be savored on a hot summer night.

Available Seasonally - Tap Room Only

Citra Kissed

6.9% ABV

 Fermented with an ale yeast and infused with Citra hops this zero residual sugar cider has a fresh grapefruit flavor and smooth, slightly sweet finish from the ale yeast. Perfectly crushable AND low carb!

Available Year Round -Tap Room only.


4.5% ABV

A fun and playful twist on a traditional margarita without the high ABV. Made with lime and orange it’s a delicious warm weather drink or whenever you are in the mood for chips and salsa!

On Tap Now!