Farm To Table Hard Apple Cider

All-Natural, Locally Made, Delicious Cider


Produced Locally With No Added Sugars

You are looking for a delicious hard cider that is not too sweet, but has a distinctive fruity taste with a touch of dry and tart. You’d like to enjoy an all-natural, locally made hard cider that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners or cane sugar.

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Our ciders are also served in restaurants, markets and breweries throughout Southern Idaho:

Creative & Unique Crafted Cider

Emily and John started Cedar Draw Cider in 2018 on their 3 acre family orchard in Buhl, Idaho, when Emily, an oncology nurse for nearly 20 years, needed a creative outlet and stumbled upon the joys of cider making.  We are proud to be an independent, husband and wife, local business, where Emily is the Cider Maker, fermenting and producing new varieties as her creative juices inspire her.  John manages the Tasting Room and develops sales and distribution relationships with restaurants, markets and breweries throughout Southern Idaho.

As a recognized member of the Northwest Cider Association, we enjoy showing people what a real cider should be.  Our mission is to educate those new to cider drinking and to broaden their exposure to drier, more traditional ciders as well as modern fruit-forward, herbed, and unique blends.  We always love the challenge of meeting someone who thinks they don’t like cider, because we have made many cider doubters into new cider fans!

Our Tasting Room carries 7 ciders on tap, 2 house made sodas, and 1 rotating local beer, and sells bottles and growlers to go.  It is currently open two days a week and offers both indoor and outdoor seating.


Tasting Room and Family Orchard in Buhl, Idaho

We welcome guests to our family orchard on Thursdays (5-9pm), Fridays (4-9pm) and Saturdays (3-9pm). Come enjoy a delicious, custom cider and relax with friends in our outdoor and indoor seating areas.

Sample our ciders produced right here on our family orchard

Meet Emily the Cider Maker and ask questions about her fermenting process

Enjoy sitting by one of our fire pits

Outside food is welcome

Children are encouraged to come and enjoy a house made root beer or strawberry cream soda

Leashed dogs are welcome and water is provided


All of our ciders are gluten free.

Purchase Cedar Draw Cider shirts and glassware

Live Taps of Cider, Soda and
Beer in our Tasting Room

Our Live Taps of Cider

The cider taps available in our Tasting Room fluctuate during the year. We normally have 7 or more varieties available but our taps rotate depending on the season of the year.

Our Upcoming Cider Taps in Our Tasting Room

The cider taps available in our Tasting Room fluctuate during the year. These ciders will become available in the future.

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Two Natural Sodas in
Our Tasting Room

We make two delicious sodas with all-natural ingredients and no high-fructose corn syrup: a craft root beer and a strawberry cream soda.

A Beer Tap in Our Tasting Room

We rotate a beer from a local Idaho brewery.

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Come visit our Tasting Room in Buhl, Idaho

Savor our homemade, all-natural, dry to semi-sweet hard ciders

Relax with friends on our intimate family orchard